All my Ladies Pop your back with it Lyrics

All My Ladies Pop Your Back With It Lyrics

All My Ladies Pop Your Back With It Lyrics are the most popular dance song on the planet. Officially known as “Do It To It,” this song by ACRAZE is a sexy and fun way to get the girls dancing. Here’s how to sing along with it. Listed below are the lyrics:

Acraze’s dance song

The dance song “All My Ladies Pop Your Back With It” is a hit for many reasons. While the original song is by Cherish, the remix by Acraze is an instant hit. The remix quickly topped the UK Dance Chart and the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles list. The track also cracked the top 20 in the UK Singles Chart, and was a dance hall smash in other countries.

The original song “Do It to It” was a smash hit for Cherish, but the remix by Acraze has gone on to become a top five hit in Germany. The remix was a huge success in Germany, and the song briefly topped the Spotify charts. If you’re looking for a new dance song, check out Acraze’s latest hits!

Cherish’s song Lean Wit It Rock Wit It Snap Wit It All My Ladies

You may be wondering about the lyrics of Cherish’s song Lean Wit it Rock Wit it Snap Wit It All My Ladies. The song features an interesting premise that women are sexual animals. They are constantly attracted to men. However, this is a far-fetched premise. The truth is that men cannot love women as much as women can love men.

Other dance songs

Khia has written All My Ladies Pop Your Back With It lyrics and it is an infectiously catchy song that will get you shaking your body to the beat. The main words of the song are “Do it to it” and “I’ll do it.” The tune is an instant hit and it is highly recommended. You won’t want to miss this one! Let’s get down to business! Here’s the scoop on the song.

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