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Is Cristian Salas Married to a Musician?
If you are wondering if Cristian Salas is married to a musician, then you’ve come to the right place.
Besides being a model, she’s also a businesswoman and married to a musician
. Let’s learn more about her.
What are her hobbies? Does she play any musical instruments? How does she manage her business? And
what does she think of the new relationship she’s started with Marco Antonio?
Cristian Salas is a model

Cristian Salas is an internationally famous Spanish model. She is married to Marco Antonio Solis, a well-
known musician. She is also the CEO of Active Sportswear in the United States.
Born on 24 February

1980, Cristian Salas is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and model. In addition, she has two daughters.
She is a popular influencer on Twitter and Instagram, with nearly 300K followers. This beauty is also a
mother and has an impressive following on Instagram.
Cristian Salas is married to Marco Antonio Solis, a Mexican record producer, composer, and musician.
They were married in 1993 and have two children together. In addition, Marco has several children from
other women, including Cristy, who he met while modeling in 1992. They fell in love while shooting a
music video together. Their children are twins named Marla and Alisson. Cristian Salas’ wealth has
increased with his growing popularity and her role in the entertainment industry.

Salas met Solis in 1991. The couple was married for three years, and their relationship ended when she
grew tired of her husband’s infidelity. Soon after, Solis married Cuban model Cristian Salas in December

  1. Cristian Salas is the only person from this relationship who has met Solis in person. Cristian Salas
    is a model and singer. The two met when Salas was a child model and she was only a teenager at the time.
    Despite her fame as a model, her relationship with her husband has taken on a new meaning. The former
    singer and model has a huge following on social networks. Cristian Salas has also made an effort to break
    the boundaries of the fashion industry by launching a sportswear line. While it is hard to determine
    whether or not she will marry the famous singer, it is clear that their love is strong. There’s no denying
    that the model’s wife is a very popular influence in Mexico.

    She is married to a musician
    It is a popular fact that Christy Solis is married to a musician. Her husband is the popular singer Marco
    Antonio Solis. She was a model and was famous for her bukis video. She later met Marco and got
    married. The couple is happily married for more than 28 years. As a married couple, they have two
    children. The singer is a talented pianist. The couple has two daughters.
    Alexander’s case broke into the media after the couple filed a separate legal suit against each other. The
    singer filed a temporary injunction in Miami, claiming that Salas abused her, sodomized her, and
    threatened her. Neither Salas nor his legal representatives have admitted to the accusations. Salas has
    denied all allegations of domestic abuse. He declined to speak to Billboard. But Alexander’s legal team
    isn’t backing down.

    Alexander and Salas were once lovers, but things changed when the singer met a former manager of his
    Alexander and Salas dated briefly in 2013 and remained “on” for a couple of months. A few
    months after their breakup, Alexander filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that Salas “fraudulently
    induced” her to sign an unfair contract. She’s seeking more than $1 million in damages and punitive
    Meanwhile, Cristy Solis, the wife of Marco Antonio Souls, is also active on social media. She is on
    Instagram and Twitter under the handle @cristysolis. She has 293k followers and posts interesting photos.

As a wife, she is the mother of two children. In fact, she is active in many social media accounts, and has
a Facebook page too. As a musician, she also has a YouTube channel.
The couple also has a daughter who is a singer. She has a personality that makes her popular and
charming. She has managed to establish herself as a successful singer despite being married to a musician.
She has a bright personality, and her husband has a charismatic personality. In fact, her husband’s music
career has boosted her career immensely. A couple can’t have a better spouse than this.

She is a businesswoman
Cristian Salas is an entrepreneur. She owns a lady sportswear brand. Before she made it big in the
business world, Cristian worked as a model. Her popularity in the fashion industry made her an attractive
candidate for a marketing job. She maintains a level of privacy about her business life. She never
discloses her income or where she earns her money. However, she does admit that she is working very
hard to grow her business.

Besides running a clothing company, Cristian Salas is also married to Marco Antonio Solis, a Mexican
record producer, composer, and singer. The couple met during the 1990s while shooting a video. They fell
in love and married in 1993. Their marriage lasted for 28 years, and they have two daughters. Cristian
Salas is also active on social media, with 290K Instagram followers and 30K Twitter followers.

She is a model
The beautiful, smart wife of Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solz, Kristi Salas is always busy in social
networks. Her photos receive lots of comments and likes from her followers. Even her fans praise her for
her beautiful figure. She is a model who is proud of her husband, Baki. The couple has been married for
over 50 years. Kristi is a model and her husband is a musician. The couple is also proud of their son,

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