Daisy How to Become The Dukes Fiancee Manga

Daisy How to Become the Dukes’ Fides Chapter 2

The second chapter of Daisy How to Become the Dukes’ Fides follows her contract marriage to Kilian, the duke’s fiancee. The storyline is a predictable and average one. I would recommend you skip the second chapter. After the prologue, this manga becomes progressively worse. I found the character development to be average and the art style to be overly simplistic. However, if you enjoy romance novels, Daisy is definitely worth reading.

Daisy’s second chance at life involves a contract marriage to Kilian

As a young girl, Daisy was very timid, and she was betrayed by her lover. When her father dies, she is given a second chance in life – as long as she can pay off her father’s gambling debt to Kilian, an aristocrat with a terrifying reputation. Although the debt is huge, Daisy has two choices – she can choose to stay in her father’s castle for 60 years, or she can choose a contract marriage with Kilian, who is an aristocrat. After they marry for three years, Kilian will inherit the title of duke.

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