Hartmans Antiques in Rennselear
Falls NY

If you want to find beautiful Queen Anne furniture and other pieces of art, you may visit
Hartmans Antiques in Rennselear Falls, New York. You can find items that reflect the rich
history of the town, including Queen Anne furniture and other items that are incredibly
valuable. The showroom is open to the public and offers tours by appointment. You can also
check out the Craftsmen’s Gallery and Mezzanine Antique Center.

Sanford Levy
Jenkinstown Antiques is owned by Sanford Levy, who has spent most of his life collecting
items for the Hudson Valley region. He is an expert in Hudson Valley artists, kasten furniture,
and country furniture, as well as in textiles and glassware. Sanford Levy has a passion for
antiques and has been collecting in the Hudson Valley for nearly 45 years.
Craftsmen’s Gallery
There is more to antique shopping than just the typical mall. Whether you love to browse or
buy antiques, the Skylands region has something for everyone. From quaint, small towns to
huge antique shops, this area has it all. Visit Hartmans Antiques in Rennselear Falls, NY for
the best in local artisan goods. If you’re looking for a unique gift, don’t forget to check out the
Craftsmen’s Gallery.
This giant antique mall is filled with antiques from all over the world. You’ll find everything
from furniture to jewelry to paintings. You’ll be spoilt for choice here. You’ll find something to
suit every taste and budget. And if you’re not looking for anything antiques, there’s also a gift
shop and antiques store right around the corner.

Mezzanine Antique Center
Mezzanine Antique Center is located in the heart of Rennselear Falls, New York. Its vast
inventory includes art, jewelry, paintings and furniture from all over the world. The large space
offers an excellent opportunity to view and purchase pieces. Visitors can spend hours
browsing through their many aisles to find pieces that complement their homes. This mall
offers great bargain prices on high-quality antique pieces.
This upscale antique mall has a diverse collection of pieces from all over the world. This shop
offers a wide range of vintage costume jewelry and art. They also feature ceramics, folk art,
glassware, and furniture. The space is over three thousand square feet, and many pieces are
available for purchase. The store also offers custom furniture, lighting, and furniture
Queen Anne furniture
If you’re looking to buy a piece of early American furniture, Queen Anne furniture may be the
perfect choice. Queen Anne pieces are simple in design, with restrained decorations and
straight lines. You can buy authentic pieces or refinish your current pieces to give them a new
look. Here’s a look at what makes Queen Anne furniture so appealing. And, if you’re interested
in the history behind each piece, you can visit Hartmans Antiques Rennselear Falls, NY to find
out more.
Most pieces of Queen Anne furniture are made from walnut, but it’s possible to find examples
of other woods. Maple and cherry were also popular choices. By the late eighteenth century,
however, Caribbean mahogany became more common in the U.S., and furniture makers began
using this exotic wood to make furniture. Although this style was characterized by simplicity
and comfort, it was the first to use the elegant cabriole leg. Most pieces of Queen Anne
furniture also have cabriole-shaped legs.

The Queen Anne style originated in England and spread to the colonies in a relatively short
time. Boston, for example, quickly became a leading maker of Queen Anne furniture and the

famous Queen Anne chair. By the mid-century, however, furniture tastes shifted toward a more
Georgian-style that reflected the wares of Thomas Chippendale and George Washington. The
Queen Anne style was absorbed into later styles, but in recent decades, it has been
appreciated by collectors for its artful elegance.
Despite these limitations, Queen Anne furniture continues to be a popular choice among
collectors. Not only does it evoke the elegance of past regal creations, but it also looks
forward to the freedom and functionality of furniture in the present. And the good news is that
there is a plentiful supply of Queen Anne furniture on the auction market. Enjoy this exciting
moment in 18th century furniture history!

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