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Rule 34 – Star Wars Erotica Goes Viral

Rule 34 has been around for a while, but there’s still no real proof that it has ever gone viral. Its author, Leonard Delaney, is known for his Tetris erotica and has written several dozen novellas. He averages a hundred sales a month. Delaney doesn’t know if the concept of Rule 34 will ever catch on, but he says he’s always writing new stories, even if they are rehashing old themes.

NSFW fanart in Star Wars

Fans have taken to making NSFW fanart for various characters from the Star Wars franchise, with some even going viral. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker have both been the subjects of fan art. Some of the fanart is of the characters, while others are subtextual homoerotic depictions of the characters.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a beloved character who has graced the Star Wars franchise for over 20 years. The character has been the subject of fan art from many different fandoms, and will be featured in the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars film on Disney+ on June 22.

Leonard Delaney’s Tetris erotica

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Star Wars erotica, you’ve come to the right place. Leonard Delaney has released a new e-book, “Conquered by Clippy,” that is both weird and hot. The book centers around Christie Aackerlund, who is flown out to a remote island by the world’s largest technology company to investigate a mysterious alien artifact. However, the artifact turns out to be an animated paperclip, which makes her extremely upset.

Science fiction novel that inspired Rule 34

Rule 34 is a science fiction novel written in the second person. It is the author’s second novel to be written in the second person. In this novel, a Himba girl named Binti receives an offer to study at the prestigious Oomza University, the most prestigious institution in the galaxy. But the university is far from her home world, so she must travel between stars to get there. Her mission is fraught with danger, as she must risk everything in order to obtain the knowledge she needs to save her people.

The book is a great read for fans of sci-fi. The physics of the story are fascinating. The author has captured the SF sense of wonder with the inclusion of wormholes and black holes.

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