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Interesting Facts About the 50 States in the USA

The 50 states in the United States cover a large area of North America. Alaska and Hawaii are located in the northwest. The major Atlantic coast cities are New York and Washington, DC. Other major cities are Los Angeles and Chicago, both known for their filmmaking and influential architecture. Below are some facts about each state. Read on to learn more! Now that you know the basics about each state, you can pick a destination and plan your vacation accordingly!

Geographic diversity

The United States has a wide geographic diversity and is one of the largest countries by land mass. The Lower 48 states have a high degree of cover diversity, with several of them containing the highest concentrations of varying cover types. The states with the most diverse landscapes are also among the largest by square miles. These differences in land use are a result of the natural phenomena that characterize these states. Here are some interesting facts about the geographic diversity of the states in the United States:

The legal system of the USA is characterized by its lengthy, complicated procedures. The complexity of the system makes ordinary citizens less equipped to resolve disputes on their own and more reliant on the services of lawyers. Although many Americans believe that simple matters, such as buying and selling a home, can be handled without the assistance of lawyers, most states have baffling laws and procedures. As a result, many people hire lawyers to resolve even the simplest of disputes.

Number of counties

The United States is divided into 3,013 counties and county-equivalents. States with more than three counties are called “counties,” while those without counties are called “counties-equivalents.” These entities also include the District of Columbia and independent cities. Below is a list of the states by number of counties. These counties serve the same functions as counties. The numbers below are based on the 2012 Census of Governments.


Whether you are thinking about moving to a different state or are just curious to learn more about the differences between the states, you’ll be glad to know that there are numerous tax options available. The average rate for consumption taxes is 7.1% for the poor, 4.8 percent for the middle class, and 0.9 percent for the wealthiest Americans. Consumption taxes are one of the biggest sources of revenue for most states and counties in the US, accounting for 50 percent or more of the state’s total revenue. For example, sales and excise taxes generate about half of the total revenue in Texas, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Tennessee.


The population of the US is very unevenly distributed between states. The population of the most populous states is found in coastal areas, while those in the interior are sparsely populated. For example, the largest state by area, Illinois, is also one of the least populous in terms of population. In contrast, the state of Texas has a population of nearly 29 million, while Florida has a population of about 21 million.

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