Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World

Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World

Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World is a light novel that covers various genres, including Action, Adventure, and Fantasy. Written by Lim Kyung-bae, the novel has 262 chapters translated into English, with more being prepared for translation. Before posting comments, make sure you read the rules and agree with them. Once you’ve read them, you’ll know exactly how to use this site.

a sword king’s combat prowess is a life-or-death match

This survival game teaches you to hone your combat prowess by slaying various creatures. The enemies are equally as tough as you, and every battle is a life-or-death affair. The sword you wield is your lifeline, and only you can protect yourself from their attacks. You must master the sword and its special abilities to survive the dangerous game.

a sword king’s sword shatters

A sword king’s blade shatters in a fantasy world – or how a level 99 Spiritist survives after the Sword King shatters it. The fantasy novel, A Sword King’s Sword, is an extremely popular light novel, spanning the genres of Adventure, Action, and Fantasy. Author Lim Kyung-bae has written 262 chapters of the novel, and translations of the remaining chapters are ongoing.

A king’s sword is one of the most iconic symbols of a fantasy world, and if the scabbard of a mystical sword is lost or stolen, it is not an easy thing to recover. The Excalibur sword is a powerful piece of art, and it must never fall into enemy hands. The legend says that once a sword is lost, it must be returned to the Lady of the Lake. However, the sword cannot be given to just any knight.

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