The Villainess is Happy Today

The Villainess Has Fun Today

Have you ever seen a movie where the Villainess is happy today? I’m talking about a modern city woman who was a millionaire but was depressed and harassed the main character. Now she has it all, has everything, and has to break up with her trash fiance. In a recent movie, the Villainess is happy today – and you can, too! Here’s why! Read on to discover more about this modern city woman!

She has fun

If you enjoy manga, you will definitely enjoy The Villainess has Fun Today. The story is a sweet, romantic tale, with an angelic heroine and devoted suitors. You can even learn about editing and manga editing with this book. The main character is a college student who wakes up one morning as the villainess of the story. Melissa Foddebrat, the daughter of a duke, is determined to live up to her expectations and resist her antiquated society.

She loses her fiance

After losing her fiance, the villainess is happy today, but is this happiness sustainable? Is it right to let her become the villain? Ultimately, this is the question Cecil must answer. This series was originally a two-volume light novel by writer Shiki. It was serialized by publisher Syosetu between 2017 and 2018. Hachipisu Wan illustrated the novel, and Shiki turned it into a manga series. The web manga was serialized on the Alphapolis Web Manga from 2018 to 2021. Alpha Manga licensed the series in 2021.

To become the villainess, Aria had to turn into a more wicked woman. However, she decided to be this way for revenge on Mielle, who murdered her. Aria is a clever girl, and has great wit. She is also savvy, as she possesses the knowledge of her original timeline. While this may sound like a character trait, Aria is actually a perfectly normal person with great wit.

Carnelia Easter, who was once a popular romance novel series, is now a reincarnated villainess in a dating sim game. Her main role is to embarrass the main character, who is a prince. She wastes money by bullying her fiance and causing scenes. She also thinks she is entitled to the luxury of a life without a man.

An Observation Log of My Fiancee Who Calls Herself a Villainess is an amusing series of light novels by the Isekai author Takahashi. Prince Cecil is a drab life-type who finds amusement in Bertia’s antics. During the novel, Prince Cecil discovers her true cues and corrects her bad influences.

Despite her shady past, Carnelia is able to save herself and her beloved prince by proving her innocence in the case of the fiance murder. But she must convince her fiance to divorce her peacefully, which leads her to wonder if she can survive in the face of this terrible fate. Nevertheless, the story plot dictates that she must stay true to her cherished dream.

After announcing her departure from the entertainment industry, Song Ning believed that she had found her perfect home and became a virtuous woman. But she soon discovered that her fiance was having an affair with her best friend. She ended up marrying a random man and registered her marriage at the Civil Affairs Bureau. This time, she is happy because she finally gets her happily-ever-after husband back.

She is a modern city woman

Previously, Villainess lived as a successful and powerful modern city woman. However, she got dumped and fell into depression. Her fiance abandoned her and she became depressed and lost interest in life. She began harassing the main character and eventually got dumped too. Currently, Villainess has everything, including a fiance who is trash. It is time for Villainess to break up with him and marry the main character.

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